Chess Computers

  • DGT Centaur

    £349.00 Incl VAT | (£290.83 Excl VAT)

    Adaptive intelligent Chess Computer Centaur!

    What is new?

    • Adapts to your strength
    • Sensor board
    • LED lights indicate moves
    • Rechargeable internal battery
    • Weighted chess pieces
    • e-Paper display
  • DGT Pi Chess Computer

    £245.00 Incl VAT | (£204.17 Excl VAT)

    DGT Pi is a chess computer, with a fully functional DGT3000 chess clock included, that turns your e-board into your strongest sparring partner. Eight different chess engines offer a variety of strengths and playing styles to enjoy.

    Simply set up the board, connect DGT Pi and start playing. The computer moves are shown on the large display.

    DGT Pi is a great tool for playing chess, for training and for analysing games and positions over the board, using a traditional wooden DGT e-board and pieces.

  • Millennium Chess Genius Exclusive

    £569.00 Incl VAT | (£474.17 Excl VAT)

    The elegant chess computer with piece recognition, made from real wood

    Playing strength > 2300 ELO!

    The new Chess Genius Exclusive is a handmade, elegant wooden sensory board with 81 LEDs as move indicators and fully automatic piece-detection. It can also be used as a chess clock during a match. The comfortable handling of the fully automated board, in particular the detection speed and reliability, is exceptional.


    £159.00 Incl VAT | (£132.50 Excl VAT)

    One of the most powerful chess computers of all time, featuring the world-champion software – ChessGenius by Richard Lang – with a playing strength of over 2,200 Elo.

  • MILLENNIUM ChessGenius (M810)

    £149.00 Incl VAT | (£124.17 Excl VAT)

    The chess computer for tournament and club players!

    The Millennium ChessGenius (M810) utilises the ten-time world computer champion, Chess Genius, created by Richard Lang. The Millennium Chess Genius plays to a strong club-playing standard (approximately 175 ECF/2000 Elo).

    An incredibly user-friendly computer that utilises a press-sensory board. Simply press down on the piece that you wish to move and press again with the piece on the destination square. The computer’s response is displayed on the LCD.

  • DGT Revelation II


    The DGT Revelation II is the strongest dedicated chess computer ever made. A set of chess pieces can be selected from our range of compatible electronic chess pieces.