DGT Revelation II

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DGT Revelation II


£2,630.00 Incl VAT | (£2,191.67 Excl VAT) to £2,930.00 Incl VAT | (£2,441.67 Excl VAT)

The DGT Revelation II is the strongest dedicated chess computer ever made. A set of chess pieces can be selected from our range of compatible electronic chess pieces.



DGT Revelation II

Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden chessboard and integrated chess computer system.

A DGT sensor board with inlaid LED lights and the strongest commercial and freeware chess engines achieving ELO ratings of 2800+.

Play at a real wooden board against the strongest chess engines or analyse your games.

Play online or broadcast your games live via the internet.

Optional RETRO modules available to emulate world champion engines from the past.

Compatible with the following electronic DGT chess pieces listed below. (Prices displayed are for a DGT Revelation II chessboard with one set of chess pieces.)

Description (click on the name of the set to see more details)Price
Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces – weighted only£2,630.00 Incl VAT | (£2,191.67 Excl VAT)
Timelessstandard£2,690.00 Incl VAT | (£2,241.67 Excl VAT)
Timeless – weighted£2,775.00 Incl VAT | (£2,312.50 Excl VAT)
Classic standard£2,699.00 Incl VAT | (£2,249.17 Excl VAT)
Classic weighted£2,784.00 Incl VAT | (£2,320.00 Excl VAT)
Royal standard£2,739.00 Incl VAT | (£2,282.50 Excl VAT)
Royal – weighted£2,824.00 Incl VAT | (£2,353.33 Excl VAT)
Ebonystandard£2,804.00 Incl VAT | (£2,336.67 Excl VAT)
Ebony – weighted£2,889.00 Incl VAT | (£2,407.50 Excl VAT)
Official FIDE Set standard£2,879.00 Incl VAT | (£2,399.17 Excl VAT)
Official FIDE Set – weighted
£2,964.00 Incl VAT | (£2,470.00 Excl VAT)
Modern Staunton – weighted only£2,930.00 Incl VAT | (£2,441.67 Excl VAT)


Technical specifications

PowerAC 110–240 Volt 500mA DC adaptor
 ProcessorMarvell ARM Processor
Internal memory128MB DDR / 1 GB Flash Memory
DisplayGreen OLED 256 * 64 Pixels
Connection to PCWireless Bluetooth 2.0 Communication
SoftwareRetro Software (optional)
BoardRosewood (without indices)
Board dimensions670 x 610 x 30 mm (26.4″ x 24″ x 1.2″)
 Square size52 x 52 mm (2” x 2”)
Warranty2 years
 Manual languageEnglish (manuals in more languages available on DGT’s website)
Package dimensions730 x 700 x 31 mm (28.7″ x 27.6″ x  3″) approximately
Package weight10 kg (22 lbs)  approximately


Additional information

Chess Pieces

Timeless, Classic, Royal, Ebony, Official FIDE, Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces (weighted only), Modern Staunton (weighted only)

Extra Weighted Piece

Yes, No


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